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Lin Hao, earthquake survivor, leading the Chinese team in the Olympics (with the help of Yao Ming)

nine-year-old Lin Hao, a survivor of the earthquake in Sichuan.  20 of the 30 classmates in his school perished in the disaster, but after freeing himself he went back into the rubble to find his classmates. Read more  Read more  Read more 


China Fights Misuse Of Quake Funds

China has launched a massive campaign to ensure earthquake relief funds are not misused by local officials. Nearly 10,000 auditors have been dispatched to areas of Sichuan hit by the disaster in May, to guarantee money is spent on those who actually need it.

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Panda moved after China quake gives birth to twins

AP – A panda who was relocated after China’s deadly earthquake damaged her home gave birth to twin cubs on Sunday, a state news agency said.

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China quake may help predict similar calamities in future

A team of geoscientists is studying the May 12 earthquake that hit Sichuan Province in China to determine the potential for future quakes due to earthquake-induced changes in stress.

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MIT shows China quake was rare event

Could be a long wait before next big temblor–or maybe not A new analysis of the setting for last month’s devastating earthquake in China by a team of geoscientists at MIT shows that the quake resulted from faults with little seismic activity, and that similar events in that area occur only once in every 2,000 to 10,000 years, on average.

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How a 730T Ball Kept the 2nd Tallest Building From Falling

The recent Sichuan Earthquake in China was so intense, tremors were felt all the way over in the tallest completed building in the world
—the Taipei 101 building in Taiwan—a whole eight minutes after the quake originated. (The title of tallest building period was taken by the Burj Dubai back in May.)

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Earthquake Caused Massive Cultural Aftershocks In China

The 7.9-magnitude earthquake that leveled much of Sichuan also shattered parts of the traditional social order
—for worse but also for better. New forces are now emerging from the rubble that will determine how China is ruled and perceived. Domestic civic groups are emerging. Predicted in Doomwatch Legacy by Sunstroke author David Kagan.

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