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Olympic closing ceremony to feature 7,000 people

 “It’s just unlike any other closing ceremony I’ve ever seen,” said Neal, executive vice president of NBC Olympics. Usually a simple vehicle for extinguishing the Olympic flame and setting the stage for the next games, this year’s ceremony will have a great deal of entertainment, he said.   Read more


China Focus: 100 days after quake, athletes from Sichuan fight and shine at Beijing Olympics

BEIJING/CHENGDU, Aug. 19 (Xinhua) — Gymnast Zou Kai snatched a gold medal in men’s horizontal bar on Tuesday to become the first, and most likely the only triple-crowned Chinese Olympian at the Beijing Games, and the glory came exactly 100 days after an 8.0-magnitude earthquake devastated his home province of Sichuan.   Read more

Leave China Alone

We do not gain by decrying China for knowing it is a sovereign nation with a different culture. Culturists say we should enjoy the Olympics and learn from China. We should rally for our team, instead of decrying theirs. Read more

something fun

fun video of the Olympic Mascot

athletes age controversial

Deng linlin and Jiang Yuyuan entered chinese gymnastic national team at 2003 at age 12 as documented in this document movie made in 2003 (Dream Weaver Beijing2008). So, how old are they in 2008? watch the documentary

Fun and the Games

Among National ‘House’ Parties, Holland’s Goes for the Revelry Gold.  Read more

Open ceremony: behind the scenes

Let’s have a look behind the scenes of the opening-ceremony of 2008 Olympics,

Aug 8, 2008 in Beijing.