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fun video of the Olympic Mascot


athletes age controversial

Deng linlin and Jiang Yuyuan entered chinese gymnastic national team at 2003 at age 12 as documented in this document movie made in 2003 (Dream Weaver Beijing2008). So, how old are they in 2008? watch the documentary

Fun and the Games

Among National ‘House’ Parties, Holland’s Goes for the Revelry Gold.  Read more

Open ceremony: behind the scenes

Let’s have a look behind the scenes of the opening-ceremony of 2008 Olympics,

Aug 8, 2008 in Beijing.

After 24 years, Zhong claims another fencing gold for China

BEIJING, Aug 12 (Xinhua) — Zhong Man ignited the home crowd Tuesday evening as all Chinese audience in the Olympic Fencing Hall roared for their second Olympic fencing gold medal in 24 years.

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The footprint firework

enjoy the video!

Lin Hao, earthquake survivor, leading the Chinese team in the Olympics (with the help of Yao Ming)

nine-year-old Lin Hao, a survivor of the earthquake in Sichuan.  20 of the 30 classmates in his school perished in the disaster, but after freeing himself he went back into the rubble to find his classmates. Read more  Read more  Read more