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China quake may help predict similar calamities in future

A team of geoscientists is studying the May 12 earthquake that hit Sichuan Province in China to determine the potential for future quakes due to earthquake-induced changes in stress.

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MIT shows China quake was rare event

Could be a long wait before next big temblor–or maybe not A new analysis of the setting for last month’s devastating earthquake in China by a team of geoscientists at MIT shows that the quake resulted from faults with little seismic activity, and that similar events in that area occur only once in every 2,000 to 10,000 years, on average.

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All you need to know about earthquakes

Earthquakes are one of the worst natural calamities. Earthquakes were first recognized as early as in 350 BC by the Greek scientist Aristotle. Though the earthquake that hit China in 780BC during the Zhou Dynasty was said to have complete record, the earliest recorded earthquake was Shandong Province of China earthquake that occurred in 1831 BC

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NASA Caught Early Signs of China Quake

Hundreds of miles above the Earth isn’t the first place you’d expect to detect an impending earthquake, but that’s where NASA and one U.K. company are looking…read more

Did Panda Bears Sense China Earthquake Coming?

In the minutes before a massive earthquake shook central China on Monday, captive pandas near the epicenter began acting strangely.

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Earthquakes are best predicted from space?

China’s deadly earthquake in the Sichuan province has again showed that ground-based earthquake prediction methods and systems are not reliable. The Russian method is based on geomagnetic field variations, which induce Earth currents. Intensive electric fields where earthquakes are brewing also induce specific currents in the ionosphere.

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