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Blair: China reminds me of the best of America

Tuesday, 26 Aug 2008 15:58
Tony Blair has praised Chinese society following the Olympics, saying its “get up and go” spirit reminded him of “the US at its best”. Read more


Leave China Alone

We do not gain by decrying China for knowing it is a sovereign nation with a different culture. Culturists say we should enjoy the Olympics and learn from China. We should rally for our team, instead of decrying theirs. Read more

New rules for teachers after China earthquake

BEIJING – China is requiring more ethical responsibility from teachers following the highly publicized case of a high school teacher who fled his classroom during last month’s earthquake without making sure his students were safe. Details:

Penalties for 43 Chinese officials over quake relief misconduct

BEIJING, June 23 (Xinhua) — China has penalized 43 officials for misconduct involving relief in quake-hit regions, the country’s minister of supervision told a press conference here Monday. details:

Long Warned of Quake Risk, China Did Little to Prepare

Chinese scientists said the huge death toll from last month’s earthquake stems partly from a failure to heed clear warnings of a devastating earthquake in the area.  

read more

China passes regulation on post-quake restoration and reconstruction

China’s Cabinet passed a draft regulation on post-quake restoration and reconstruction.  It put forward special requirements on earthquake-resistance levels of infrastructure construction in the quake-hit regions, including schools and hospitals. Read more

China returns to normal – Arrests grieving parents

Angry parents whose children were killed in an earthquake-stricken school shouted “Oh, my child!” and “Tell us something!” when police forcefully removed them from a protest outside a courthouse. read more